Bar Babe

Will Denisa every make a hardcore sex scene with a man? She'd look great sucking on a hard pipe. "I do not know. I am not sure. I know that many, many girls in my country are making lots of porn and they are not looked at badly. That is because Czech people are very sexually liberated and they don't care what people do sexually as long as no laws are broken and no one is injured. I am concerned more about what my family would think. They do not care about me posing naked and playing with sex toys but i think they may not like to see me in a magazine or in a video having sex with people. I will say that I have thought about it so maybe I will."
Featuring: Denisa
Date: June 30th, 2010
Photos: 55

Member Comments

13 years ago 

Even though I already saw this set on the Scoreland site, I still enjoyed seeing it again. I just can't get enough of Denisa. Her thighs are amazing. The photography is great and the outfit is incredibly sexy.

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