Rated X For SeX

Dawn Davenport made men prepare to fall in love or at least prepare to lose a load or two. Dawn loves sex and she is not shy about showing how she makes love to the cock. A combination of exhibitionism, a pretty face, hot body, big 38E tits and ass and the love of cock means she's perfect. It was natural for XLGirls and Dawn to hook up and do the deed.

Dawn loves being a hottie and says when she goes out, she wears low-cut tops, high skirts and sexy shoes. She likes attention from the boys and she gets it in truck-loads. She enjoys doggie and fingering her pussy when she eats cock, which she loves to do. She likes to make guys shoot their loads, because it pleases them. Dawn likes to fuck at least five times a week. Our kind of woman! These days, Dawn is a redhead and much slimmer but still hot as a pistol.
Featuring: Dawn Davenport and Carlos Rios
Date: March 21st, 2016
Photos: 55

Member Comments

7 years ago 

I couldn't marry dawn. She wouldn't live up to her initials. Triple d!

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