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Foxy Boxer

Only a fool would mess with foxy boxer Daphne Carter! She'll knock the shit out of her opponents with her knockout nipples. Don't believe what you read? Then let the pictures be the proof.

Commando is toast as soon as he steps into the ring. As soon as the bell rings, Daphne is pummeling him with her bombastic boobs. First a right, then a left, then a right. How much more of this can the tit-smashed stumblebum take? He takes a breast beating that's about to drop him to the canvas in record time.

And then Daphne throws off the gloves, gets his compass pointing north and fucks him even more senseless. Now that's cheating! That's a foul, using her big tits and tight pussy like that...on national TV yet. Whatever happened to sticking to The Queensberry rules? She can't use her tits like that! But Daphne can do whatever she wants. She's got the jugs and the juicy pussy-hole to win this snatch match! We call this fight over by a TKO...a Titty Knock Out.
Featuring: Daphne Carter and Commando
Date: March 8th, 2016
Duration: 40

Member Comments

2 years ago 
This would have been better if you would have used 2 women boxers and let a male fan get into the action
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