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It seems that every girl these days are getting tattoos. When will this trend end? Will it end? Why did Claire get one? "I am actually quite comfortable with my decision," Claire said. "I don't regret having it done. I've read that we Brits are rebellious and that's why so many British girls get a tat but that's not the reason I did it. A cheeky boy came up to me in a coffee bar and asked me if I would ever get one on my boob but I don't think I would go that far! It was a clever way to get me to talk about my tits. Actually he was quite complimentary so I did give him my phone number. He never did ring though." There is one advantage to the shapely blonde financial worker getting her name tatted on her mid-section. She doesn't need to introduce herself at the beach or when she's wearing a belly shirt.
Featuring: Claire
Date: October 18th, 2011
Duration: 60

Member Comments

3 years ago 
The Tat on her belly, I call it a belly tag
6 years ago 
I've always thought Claire was highly under-rated. She is stunningly gorgeous and I don't care that she doesn't show muff. I personally would put her up there with the likes of British legends LDM and Kerrie Marie. The few photo shoots she has done for Score are like gold to me. Please ask her to do more!
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