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Mirror, Mirror On The Wall

Cherry Brady knows sexy outfits. She buys bras, shorts, little tanks, short dresses, fuck shoes and all kinds of novel costumes and hot wear all the time. Cherry's got the body for them, no denying! Here she models her little nothings, a mirror at the ready. "My latest thing I just bought is a little Femme Bot outfit. It's pink and fluffy. It's cheesy, but it reminds me of a Femme Bot and I love it. That's my favorite one right now." Now who are some of Cherry's favorite models? We have to ask. "Well, they are all great. But I like when they talk a lot and I was watching this video the other day and it had Natalie Fiore in it and she talks so much! And she has this accent! She is just rubbing her tits and talk, talk, talking like, 'Oooh ju know ju want me, babee...' and I loved it. I was like, 'Oh, you hot slut, you!' I like when a girl talks a lot and interacts with the viewer. You know you guys at XL Girls and SCORELAND have given tit men their own little place to come and…
Featuring: Cherry Brady
Date: January 4th, 2012
Duration: 80

Member Comments

12 months ago 
marvellous set indeed
2 years ago 
chery is the best
3 years ago 
oh cherry!
5 years ago 
a great set of photos. love the shots with her showing her ass on the pink satin sheets. the mirror shots highlight cherry's perfection.
6 years ago 
Cherry is very sexy..!
6 years ago 
Awesome. I love
mirrors in photo
6 years ago 
Cherry is a sex goddess - wow! After all the photosets she's done with you guys, she still looks
incredible. That last shot in the mirror -- amazing!
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