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Her Tits Are Out Of Control

"I had one boyfriend who could've laid on them all day and he would've been the happiest man in the world," said Charlie Cooper. "And another ex didn't really care about them; they were just there and that was it."

For many, Charlie was the quintessential XL Girl. Her body, boobs and face. Her sexual heat and eagerness to do hardcore.

"I'm used to people looking at me when I am out. I can be grocery shopping and just dressed in a t-shirt and jeans and I'll hear a husband and wife whisper, 'Honey, did you see that girl?' And I'll know they're talking about me. And it's not like I'm dressed up. This is when I'm in normal clothes. 'Her boobs are sooo big.' Then I'll turn around and look at the both of them and they'll turn so red because they've been caught. It happens everywhere I go."

You can picture what the effect is when Charlie is wearing a low-cut top or tank top in public.
Featuring: Charlie Cooper
Date: May 1st, 2017
Duration: 68

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Charlie Cooper, You are 1 of my favourite beauty!

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