Camelia Davis will now show you how she stays so strong and shapely. She can't do this in a gym full of people although the guys would probably like her to. Camelia is a magnet, exerting a powerful force on the iron in your blood. "I was at the mall one day and I was shopping," Camelia told one of the editors. "I kept seeing this guy and he was checking me out. I mean, he kept staring and staring, So I ended up at the food court and he came up to me and just straightforwardly asked me if he could touch my breasts. He was really hot, so I said yes. So he groped me right there at the food court and then he just went about his merry way." Amazing! We know a lot of models who would have given the guy a black eye. "I got a few dirty stares from the flat-chested women who were around but I saw that a few of the guys who had seen it really liked it," Camelia added. "I told you guys that I love all of the attention. It's awesome."
Featuring: Camelia Davis
Date: January 14th, 2010
Duration: 72

Member Comments

6 years ago 
Pic 38 is glorious. I could easily spend hours licking Camelia's dirty little butthole.
6 years ago 
Gorgeous, love the brown nipples
7 years ago 
What a great face and body!!! It was also nice to see no dildos.
8 years ago 
Camelia, I love your pretty face and your sweet smile. I could spend hours kissing your beautiful breasts and your luscious bottom.
9 years ago 
Would like to see more bush
9 years ago 
Ass - 10, tits - 10, face - 10

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