Beach Bunny

"This beach reminds me of when I was younger and my family would vacation in Spain," said Ashley Sage Ellison. "I love the beaches there. Being in Spain was fun, and I love being with my family. But this is a spectacular beach. Truly beautiful."

For fun, Ashley meets her girlfriends for a night out.

"I like to go clubbing with my friends. You know, the whole girl thing of dressing hot, hitting the scene and not coming home until the wee morning hours. I like to wear corsets and short skirts, particularly in red or black. I also like to wear high heels and tease my hair out."

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Featuring: Ashley Sage Ellison
Date: July 2nd, 2019
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Member Comments

2 years ago 

She is just so perfectly, roundly proportioned. What a GREAT ass! I'm thoroughly a tit-man, but she's got a great ass!

3 years ago 

Wow. If she needs a hand to fit her bikinis, I volunteer . My other hand will be suitably occupied.

4 years ago 

This is why god put bikinis on the earth.

4 years ago 

Goddess Ashley looks superb in this set. Her sweet body needs to be worshipped!

4 years ago 

I agree with winter98. Ashley is indeed a glamourous model & she projects an air of
sexy sophistication in most of her photoshoots. But imho, she is always at her most
sexiest whenever she wears a bikini like this one. She has curves on top of curves &
seeing her breasts & butt barely contained by these dental floss bikinis is really a
sight to behold.

4 years ago 

I am Speechless

4 years ago 

Ashley is so glamourous and pretty it's outrageous. She is ultra sexy especially when dressed in fancy dresses and blouses in full hair and makeup. What a fox and I really dig the shots where she is cruisng around her estate in white oxford fully showing her gorgeousness and particularly her beautiful breasts.

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