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Hey There, Sailor Girl

Sailors could really go places with a charmer like Ashley Sage. Here she is, ready to hoist your sails! What self-respecting breast-man could ever tire of those tits? "I like to go clubbing with my friends," Ashley said. "You know, the whole girl thing of dressing hot, hitting the scene and not coming home until the wee morning hours. We love to dress up. Corsets, short skirts, big heels, big hair, tiny dresses, that sort of thing. We've gone to clubs wearing the tiniest dresses and the highest possible heels. We like to stir it up! I get noticed a lot when I go out, and I know my boobs have a lot to do with that." That's because Ashley has a pair of hooters that many women spend huge amounts of money to buy. And other women can only dream of having.
Featuring: Ashley Sage Ellison
Date: October 27th, 2010
Duration: 53

Member Comments

7 years ago 
Ashley is the most beautiful woman I have ever laid my eyes on.
8 years ago 
Oh my God! What a beautiful sexy girl! Awesome curves!
8 years ago 
Hooo...leee...fuck. Any guy that doesn't think she's attractive has some serious sexuality issues. I agree with Tom. This is her best set.
8 years ago 
I love frame 53 with ashley on her hands and knees on the
decking, Tits at full hang, both legs profiled. I can imagine her crawling to me with that look in her face. Crazy, need get back to work.
8 years ago 
She is so amazing looking.
I love her curves.
She does all these photo shoots by pools.
I have a pool...
8 years ago 
C'mon Ashley -- time to see your hidden treasures! This is a fantastic post and like all the guys -- I'd like to see the whole nine yards!
8 years ago 
Best Ashley Sage Ellison set ever! Best bikini set ever. Ashley is really rocking that bikini and I love the first 10 photos that feature her luscious thighs. I especially like the shots where the camera is thigh level. You and Ashley finally found the right recipe! Congrats.
8 years ago 
She is a beauty of Scoreland.
8 years ago 
WOW breathtaking and way better then the overrated Karina Hart.She has it all
8 years ago 
now we want to see some pussy
8 years ago 
Ashley has the poster girl, Big Beautiful Woman body! I wish she could convey a little more sexuality in her facial expressions. But hell, that's a knit pick. Thanks!
PS: My dream job is to work for Scoreland!

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