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Asha Marie thinks gamers and geek guys are hot. She likes to watch Bollywood movies. "I love myself and I'm attracted to men who are confident in themselves too," Asha said. "I'm mostly submissive about sex and I'm turned on by the idea of public sex.

"The first time I had sex was with an older guy who was great in bed. I was nervous at first but once I relaxed, it was really hot. I pretty much masturbate all the time. I really enjoy masturbating in front of a camera so men can enjoy it too. It seems so bad and wrong that I get hornier than just regular masturbating by myself. Like in my videos here, I got to say very sexy things and that got me more excited. That's something I wouldn't do if I was just masturbating by myself."

Asha likes dates that involve a few drinks, dinner and dancing. "I don't think anyone has ever used a pick-up line on me when I have gone out!" Asha bemoans. "I'd love to hear some creative ones!"
Featuring: Asha Marie
Date: April 17th, 2018
Photos: 85

Member Comments

2 years ago 

Five foot four, 215lbs. This girl is an absolute brick house!!! So HOT!!! I’d love to eat her perfect pussy and lick her gorgeous asshole. I’d also love to fuck her in every position and watch her jiggle. I’d bust a massive load inside her chubby little pussy real quick.

6 years ago 

You�re seriously hot. I�d love to cum all over those tits and pussy.

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