BBW Photos » Do Juicy, Huge Busts Drive You Nuts?

Do Juicy, Huge Busts Drive You Nuts?

Anorei Collins, breasty natural phenomenon, is in the rarefied league of incredibly huge natural tits that blow a tit-lover's mind. She possesses acres and acres of sweatermeat to explore, ponder and appreciate. In one of her previous layouts, one member, Randall, was so affected by Anorei's massive boobage that he felt compelled to relate a lengthy story about his attempt at preventing a girl he knew with a huge chest (not as big as Anorei's) from getting a breast reduction. Unfortunately, he wasn't able to persuade her. It still staggers the mind when Anorei says that they wear 60 pounds, a quarter of her total body weight. That's why one guy was driven to say to her, "Have I seen your tits on the Internet or is that just a fantasy of mine?" Seeing is believing!
Featuring: Anorei Collins
Date: February 27th, 2012
Duration: 66

Member Comments

2 weeks ago 
what a hot ass she has
5 months ago 
Some fantastic shots in this set. Photo 16 in particular for me. A perfect capture of Anorei's cute face and outstanding hangers.
2 years ago 
I'm in love with you, I will give you the best pleasure sex ever & U makes me very wet and horny, I love to make love all night long. OXO
2 years ago 
I'm in love with your sexist soft plump body & your enormous very soft breasts and I love to slap your sexy soft ass over half an hour & Cum you heaps with-out condoms. "Greatest Pleasure" OXO
3 years ago 
this is the best woman in the world
4 years ago 
Oh wow!...Anorei Collins is just simply gorgeous!... I really
love big redhaired girls!...
5 years ago 
She is one of the cutest girls in the world!
6 years ago 
Simply perfect!
6 years ago 
What I would give to explore, ponder and appreciate Anorei. I love the way she exudes how sexy a XL Girl should. I cant get enough of her. I'm hopping that we will get to see many many more sets of her and more videos. If ever there was a woman that XL has had that I'd love to meet Anorei is her.
6 years ago 
A very exciting woman... wonderfully provocative of a deep instinctual sexual response.
6 years ago 
One of the hottest women
6 years ago 
simply devine!
6 years ago 
Anorei simply has cow-sized-udders. Unbelievable! May they grow bigger and bigger in the years to come. Her tits are in mu opinion the biggest hangers on SG. They're beautiful and she set a new standard tot te term big tits if you ask me. I love you Anorei. Hope to see more of you soon.
6 years ago 
First Sabina in the blog, now Anorei - both looking super dolled up - give your makeup and styling
team another raise. (Only fair - they gave me several!)
6 years ago 
What can I say... she's fantastic!
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