Anorei Collins Sprays Her Milk

Anorei Collins Sprays Her Milk

"By the time I got into high school, I was already a D-cup," said Anorei (pronounced Ah-Nor-Ray) Collins.

"And it just went from there. By the time I went to college, I was already a K-cup. My mom has J-cups. As soon as I got boobs, it was baggy T-shirts and JNCO jeans.

"I only wear a bra when I have to. Holding 60 pounds of boob is too much for anything for long periods of time. My back is stronger than any fabric!"

Anorei is a milker and sprays the set in both pictures and video. The photographer wore googles and a raincoat during the shoots.
Featuring: Anorei Collins
Date: December 18th, 2018
Photos: 100

Member Comments

5 months ago 

Dreamgirl, Venus, born to be fucked. There is no better like and than Anorei! 15/10

2 years ago 

Absolutely stunning!!! Very pretty face, huge tits and a nice, soft gorgeous plump body. I could lose my face in her tits and ass. Plumpers like this are my favourite. I would happily eat her pussy and ass from behind before I fuck her doggy style. Watching those tits jiggle while I fuck her missionary would be mind blowing. Such a beautiful goddess of a woman!!!

3 years ago 

Absolute fukng legend goddess

5 years ago 

Great to see Anorei go barefoot naked but this was a missed opportunity to see her lay back and spray that lovely warm milk into the air and see it splash back down on her body. Anorei could have then rubbed the nectar into her gorgeous alabaster skin.

Wow!! Wow!!! Wow!!! WOW!!!! WOW!!!! My cock is so hard and ready to explode!!!!!

Anorei's cock stiffeningly vast whoppers are a sight to behold. I would be horny 24/7 if she was my girlfriend.

I totally agree with your BJ you said this "We get 18 shots of Anorei shooting milk at a mirror and very few full photos of her fantastic body. One of the Top 3 WORST photo shoots I've ever seen on XLGirls! BUMMER!!!". I would like to say that myself, BJ and some other member, we really need you dear SCORE to tell CAMERA-CREW to please GET THE FULL NUDE COMPLETE FROM HEAD TO TOE BODY RECORDED ON STILLS AND VIDEO, because is not fair to get 60 pics of every single kind of angle shot, but the "standing straight full body shot" is always missing, excluded or forgotten, is really not fair, we just ask from out of 60 pics on the batch we only ask at least 1 IMAGE SHOWING THE STANDING UP STRAIGHT COMPLETE FROM HEAD TO TOE BODY SHOT, ARMS DOWN BOOBS HANGING FREE AND ALONE, NO HANDS COVERING THEM PRESSING OR HIDING. please let us see the WHOLE BODY IN THAT WAY not just cropped images or only close up images, THANKS.....

milk super

Everything about this young cutie is pure XL Girls at it's best. What a fat Goddess!


Guys,Take a close look at photo 18. Simply amazing. I've never seen anything like this! You guys at
XL have found a keeper. Beautiful girl.

Fantastic!!!!!!!!!!!!! Amazing, beautiful, gorgeous..
More of Anorei. Id love to see more of Anorei totaly naked showing more pussy, her big milky tits spilling milk on her belly down to her pussy. PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm speechless! She is beautiful, and the "girls" are mind
boggling. More sexy belly photos! Bikini time!

Let's see more of that gorgeous plump pussy please!

Anorei, you are a GODDESS! I can never get enough of you!

Anorei, ignore post by BJ . . .you are gorgeous!!


OMG! Such an incrediblely awesome addition ot XLGirls! This is why I love this site. you need more sets of this beautiful babe and you certainly need to do better with more full frontal body pics!


the most amazing girl ever with one of the worst photo shoots ever. what happened?

Unbelievable!!! I hope we can see more of this devine Lady, A.S.A.P...

A very attractive young woman with beautiful and exceptional mammaries. I
hope you'll do some more photo shoots of her. And what's with all the shots of
her in clothes? Maybe the photographer ran out of film? This guy likes her
without clothes. We look to you folks to provide those photos.


Lovely large young lady whom I've noticed online for a couple of years now. Congratulations for making the pages of what will undoubtedly be the first of many successful and well received photoshoots for XL Girls!

She is absolutely gorgeous!!!! What a babe!!!


Oh mannnnnn.... Lactating AND a real Score Group photo shoot with
professional makeup. You have made me a very happy man

About time you all get Anorei in XL Girls!



What a hot new find! And what a crappy photo shoot!! We get 18 shots of Anorei shooting milk at a mirror and very few full photos of her fantastic body. One of the Top 3 WORST photo shoots I've ever seen on XLGirls! BUMMER!!!

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