See Why Busty Nurses Are So Popular

See Why Busty Nurses Are So Popular

U.F. recently wrote in about angels of mercy and their effect on him. "If I had my way, you would be required to feature more busty nurses. The nurse fantasy is my favorite. Please feature more pictures of models dressed up as nurses." Here we have super-hottie Anna Kay dressed up like a nurse--well, like a fantasy nurse. We haven't seen a real nurse dressed like this in years. They all wear scrubs now, sadly enough. Which leads us to the reasons why the busty dream nurse is so popular inside the male brain: Nurses know every inch of the male anatomy and how it works. Nurses are nurturing and don't like to see men suffer with blue balls or shafts that won't go down after a Viagra overdose. By the nature of their jobs and training, nurses are health-oriented, sanitary, caring and cock-worshiping. Their uniforms are exciting, although in real life, nurses don't wear platform stripper heels, corsets, split-crotch panties, V-necked tops a size too small, miniskirts and strapless push-up…
Featuring: Anna Kay
Date: July 25th, 2012
Duration: 50

Member Comments

3 years ago 
anna is a great model the best. please bring anna back. beautiful woman.
4 years ago 
Anna Kay needs to do more videos with XL Girls! Especially with thigh high stockings!!!
4 years ago has short hair...nice...she is lovely pretty
6 years ago 
just three words:
i love you...Anna
6 years ago 
Definitely most lickable. Super hot southern girl.
6 years ago 
straight up hot ass fox! beauty, amazing skin tone and tan and curves that kill!
6 years ago 
Anna is definitely the prettiest girl I've seen here in a while!!
6 years ago 
Anna Kay, you got such a beautiful plump body.
6 years ago 
I love to see a big girl like Anna with hair down there. Yum!
6 years ago 
MMMMMMM, is there a part of her body I wouldn't lick?????

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