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More Cushin' For Pushin'

Angelina has the kind of body, boobs and face that we look for. It's too bad for us that she lives so far away in Prague. If she lived closer, we'd have her over often. She says she's happy there with no plans to relocate like other Czech models do. "In my country, the people are very open about sex," Angelina said with the assistance of one of our photographers. "We are not ashamed of our bodies. If you visit and travel around my country, you will see men and women outside in their underwear when it's warm. In the United States, the police would arrest people for doing that! In Prague, you will see women sitting in the park in just their brassieres and panties getting the afternoon sun. No one cares or complains. No one is shocked. We enjoy life and enjoy sex and our bodies. There is not the shame and guilt that exists in other countries." Not only would the cops arrest them, Angelina, they'd probably Taser them also! Angelina co-stars with Terry Nova and Marille in Sexed & Suckled,…
Featuring: Angelina Vallem
Date: April 30th, 2009
Duration: 56

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7 years ago 
Angelina, I love your big soulful eyes and your sweet round body. I could look at you all day!
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