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A Sucker For Huge Tits

Angelina proved that she's the kind of woman who needs a good sticking and a heavy pounding. She's got a lot of wild oats to sow before she settles down and doing porn is a healthy outlet for her hyperactive libido. There are some Czech chicks who do, like Angelina and Marille, and some Czech chicks who don't, like Anna Carlene and Simona. Angelina's tits developed early. She was the biggest breasted girl in her neighborhood and the biggest breasted member of her family. She's also the horniest girl in her neighborhood and needs to orgasm at least once a day if not more. Fortunately, Angelina has no shortage of willing partners. She'll eventually get married one day but for now, it's bang, bang, bang while she shake, shake, shakes.
Featuring: Angelina Vallem and Rudy Strong
Date: September 8th, 2009
Duration: 27

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