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Angelina, a pretty, young girl enjoys eating, and food does her body good. She loves cheese, pork, potato salad, lamb, yogurt and such hearty Czech dishes as Kure Na Paprice (chicken paprika) and Knedlíky (dumplings). Angelina believes that girls should not starve themselves to fit the desires of someone else. She thinks girls that follow the latest fashionistas are misguided and controlled, and are taught to develop a poor body image. She believes that whole "top model" syndrome is stupid and wishes that the girls in her own country, The Czech Republic, would not become the slavish puppets of this influence. Unfortunately, she is but a lone voice in the wilderness. In the USA, TSG model Cherry Brady writes essays protesting breast reductions, starvation diets and this "top model" syndrome, but there is no Czech version of Cherry over there to influence Czech girls.

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Featuring: Angelina Vallem
Date: February 2nd, 2009
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13 years ago 
Angelina always looks amazing but she looks especially
scrumptious here. Wow! She makes me wish I lived in Prague.

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