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Beer and Boobs

Angeli's country, The Czech Republic, is known for two far as we're concerned. One is beer. The other is boobs. That's actually three things but we didn't like math in school. Boobs were too distracting. Angeli wants to be a fashion model but her tits are too big. The people who run the crappy fashion business like rail-thin girls with stalk-like legs and flat chests. Angeli can't even fuck her way to top-model status because the dudes are all gay. Maybe she could Lesbian her way up the ladder. To make Angeli feel like we were not just a bunch of drooling tit-slobs, which, in fact, we are, we suggested a sort of bra and lingerie fashion show. While Angeli is an atypical girl for XLGirls, she does carry enough girl-flesh for our topheavy division. Certainly, Vicki Nicole has nothing to worry about from Angeli, who reminds us of some lovely Voluptuous Girls such as Kellie Garnett and Sam Springs. We hope she succeeds in her goal. If not, Angeli thinks she'd look great in a…
Featuring: Angeli
Date: February 20th, 2009
Duration: 50

Member Comments

7 years ago 
Need to see more !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
8 years ago 
I think you cut off a couple of inches from your tape measure. There is no way this attractive woman takes a 38E sized bra. I'd give her a 34DD but with a face and body like she has I'm not about to argue!
8 years ago 
give me more of this woman!! she's the best 1 here!!
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