Poetry In Boobs

Does Analee feel like guys pay too much attention to her tits? As if this racked delight could ever get too much attention. You could never give her too much. If she was your girl, you'd be on her every chance you could get. "Some of them do and some of them don't," Analee replied, sounding like a girl who gets tons of attention. "There's one guy who can never remember my name until he sees my boobs. Once he recognizes my boobs my name automatically pops in his head. Some guys have a habit of talking to them like people." And no question, girls are drawn to her too. Women may deny it but they are fascinated by tits also. "Actually they are, quite a bit. We just had a birthday party for a sister of mine, and she has this girlfriend that just loves boobs. The more she drinks the friendlier she gets. She sees me and is like, 'Can I feel your boobs? They just look so big! They're sooo sooooft!' My sister walked by and was like, 'What in the world?' Then her friend wanted to feel her…

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Featuring: Analee Sands
Date: May 30th, 2011
Photos: 60

Member Comments

2 years ago 
She was perfect!
5 years ago 
BRAVO STUNNING COMPLETE FULL BODY SHOTS DONE, 12 in total that is just what we need to see, a well balance variety of pics, but is not nice when you can find almost any camera angle, any possible pose, but not even 1 pic showing the most important thing, THE FULL BODY ON FRAME FROM HEAD TO TOE STANDING STRAIGHT NO BENDING NO COVERING BOOBS that is just what we ask to see on every single photo set and video a brief moment dedicated to show the full body, not just tons and tons of close up shots. THANKS FOR THIS GREAT PHOTO SET I STILL HOPE that FULL FRONT, SIDE, and BACK view of every model can be captured in the future as a must for all updates still an video THANKS SCORE FOR THIS STUNNING GIRLS UNIQUE AND AMAZING....they deserve to be captured as a whole beauty not just sections thanks....
5 years ago 
annalee is beautiful more please
10 years ago 
Analee gets better with each photoset. She is so beautiful and her curves are mesmerizing.
10 years ago 
Analee is the perfect XL girl. Beautiful face and curves in all the right places
10 years ago 
love this girl
i would love to fuck her doggystyle
10 years ago 
XL MAGAZINE - i commend you
once again you have delivered !
what a set - and analee is hands down the best girl on this site

what needs to happen now is she takes the batten on from renee ross , who
has nice tits - but analee beats her in every other department .

this girl should be the face of XLgirls.com , she should have updates every
month , or every week !

we cant get enough of this girl
10 years ago 
Analee is an anatomical freak! Her hips and ass are amazing. Twenty bucks to motorboat her cleavage is chump change. She could make some serious money with her booty. I just love Analee in these solo sets.
10 years ago 
I like it!!!
10 years ago 
Wow... Analee is stupendous! Sexy, voluptuous, beautiful, super wide in the hips,
and she appears to be accessible... what a winning combination!

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