Aimee Jackson: I Love To Play With My Boobs

Aimee Jackson: I Love To Play With My Boobs

Aimee Jackson is a massage therapist from Kansas City, Missouri.

Missouri is also known as the "Show Me State," making it the perfect place for Aimee to call home because we couldn't be happier that Aimee shows her 34H-cup tits.

"I find the attention I get because of my tits fun," Aimee told us. "If I catch guys, and sometimes girls, staring too long I'll clench one of my fists and go under my boobs to intentionally bounce them. I always get a great reaction."

If the reaction is anything less than a standing ovation, we'll have to give the citizens of Kansas City credit for their restraint.

Her bright smile lit up the bedroom we shot this photo set in, and she's as sexual and sensual as any girl we've shot.

"I've always been a really sensual person," Aimee said. "I think that's why I got into massage therapy. I love bodies--men and women--and working with them and the oils is a lot of fun for me. I've been told I have an amazing touch."

It must feel like being touched by a big-boobed angel.
Featuring: Aimee Jackson
Date: December 31st, 2019
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Member Comments

2 years ago 

Love the picture where she’s bent over spreading her cheeks and showing her wonderful pussy and asshole. I could bury my face in that and lick her pussy and ass crack for hours.

4 years ago 

Fantastic !

4 years ago 

aimee looks just like my milf neighbor who i just luv but aimee keeps me cumming hard
wish i had aimee's ass in my face!

4 years ago 

Lovely, only thing missing for me is peep toe heels with red nail polish.


I'm in love with Aimee!

Stunning! Aimee your body blew my mind and drained my balls. Please come back soon.

More, more, more,
please...Aimee just
become my favorite!

I am in stunned silence.......Aimee is truly magnificent! Beautiful.


Hands down the best girl to come on XLGirls this year!

Simply magnificent! Beautiful!

WOW! I'm pretty much speechless aside from: Wow! What a great find! Everything about Aimee is perfect. Eyes, face, tits, ass, pussy, hips.. Total perfection. I guess I'm not that speechless after all.

aimee is beautiful more of aimee soon.

outstanding model a truly beautiful natural woman in every possible way

What a sensuous, beautiful and outgoing woman !!! Aimee, you´re hot and a great turn on !!!

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