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The eager, perky, cuddly Twilight Starr speaks to the director before her X-Man arrives and he's able to extract a few facts out of her as the countdown to missile launch begins. As you'd expect from a young girl out to sow as many wild oats as she can, Twilight loves having fun. She gets her kicks from meeting horny guys and having quickies and one night stands. If guys can do it, why not girls?

Twilight gives tremendous blow jobs and she's a screamer. She has a theory about cock that she applies when she goes out to clubs, bars or wherever she hangs out. If she sees a guy with big feet, she believes that his cock is big too! So she'll take a big-footed guy home to see if her theory is correct. (Let's hope Bigfoot's not reading this.)

How does she know if a guy in a club has big feet? She says she'll drop a napkin on the floor and bend down to pick it up, checking his feet out while she does it. So she's the indirect type. Guys are always checking out girls' feet but this is the… Read More »
Featuring: Twilight Starr and Juan Largo
Date: November 8th, 2016
Duration: 26:36

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1 year ago 
huge cock and perfect ass go together. love this scene

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