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The Ready To Drop Preggie Show

XLGirls had to do a shoot with Shyla Shy at 8+ months before she dropped her special delivery. It was close to the edge but we had to ask. After her sex session at seven months with previous cock-mate JMac, we asked Shyla to call us if she would come back at eight months for one last series of solos. Shyla called and was happy to accept the invitation. Notice the tan-lines. Our president usually never has any questions for the editors to ask a model but he was curious about Shyla's bikini-outline tan. Shyla said she went to Wet 'N Wild (in Orlando, Florida) and tanned wearing a tiny bikini. That must have breastnotized lots of male preggo fans also at the water park! "I did get some looks like, 'What is she doing here?" Shyla remembered. And now prepare for the excitement of Shyla Shy stripping off her GND orange tank-top and blue-jeans cut-off, rubbing down her massive suckers with lube and spreading her legs open to play with her furry patch and huge bump, all of it in front of a… Read More »
Featuring: Shyla Shy
Date: May 29th, 2012
Duration: 15:10

Member Comments

3 years ago 
She look beautiful pregnant????
6 years ago 
Wow! She's beautiful!
6 years ago 
lactation to follow?

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You have seen Shyla Shy seven months pregnant. Shyla called us with the happy news and asked if we wanted her to travel to XLGirls HQ and show us the goods. Once again, her generosity is as expansive as her curves. Her baby bump is huge and there's still two months to go. Every inch of Shyla is more lush and plush than ever. Now you can see her cocked up while she is knocked up. Shyla's boobies are much bigger. Shyla's areolae have never been darker. Just compare them to her earlier photos. Pregnancy does that as the powerful hormones of impending motherhood flood her body. Those same hormones that alter a girl's bod also affect her sex drive. Shyla still wants the cock at seven months. A pregnant girl's wish is our command. The stunt dick for this service is someone who's fucked Shyla before. He's surprised that she wants to fuck but he's also ready for that sweet ride. Those dark cocoa areolae are a tempting taste treat. He whips out his big banana and Shyla reaches out to stroke it. She's eager for it and can't keep her eyes off it. Removing Shyla's bra with the one-handed unhooking technique, Shyla removes it to show her jugglicious jubblies in all of their glory. They are jawdropping in their sheer size and shape. Tits like this have to be fucked first before Shyla's mouth is filled. Shyla holds them up and squeezes them together for the sliding of the dick, staring intently as her cleavage is fucked. Her tits totally bury his cock. Shyla has a little trick she uses when she's tit-fucked to make the experience more pleasurable. A quiet, docile girl, Shyla needs and wants a guy to tell her exactly what to do and in what positions to get her voluptuous body into. She has picked the right drill sergeant. Shyla gets into a very horny-looking doggie position for an extended blow job that's also a mouth fucking. And for the magical mammary mating moment, Shyla's pussy is penetrated for a hard, masterful fuck. Shyla deserves a stud-banging and even being seven months pregnant is not stopping her from getting it. Show Shyla some love and send her some props. She did this for the guys of
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