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What is Reyna Mae's plump desire? Her sexual fantasy combines power and sex. She desires to be the executive of a company. She wants the ultimate sexual power over her employees. Male employees with thick pricks. She wants her own corporate stable of male studs she can fuck and suck whenever she wants to. Reyna orders Mr. Butgers into her office for a reprimand and things escalate. She tells him to sit there and not do anything while she strips, gives him her nipples to suck, takes his hard-on in her mouth for a slow, expert suck-job and lowers her vag onto him. Reyna proceeds to show why her sex skills deserve an engraved trophy from the Voluptuous XL Institute of Business Leadership. You don't think this could happen? You think this is just a fantasy? In a bizarre case in 2004, a female employee at a fast food restaurant in Kentucky was ordered to perform sex acts in a back room. There's also no doubt that female bosses seduce many male employees. Of course, they all don't look as… Read More »
Featuring: Reyna Mae and Mikey Butders
Date: June 8th, 2009
Duration: 27:03

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7 years ago 
wow shes awesome. I just love how she haves sex. I would like her on top more. I would give her oral and g-spot technique. Yall should try it

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