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The topshelf XLGirls feature DVD, My Big Plump Wedding, kicks off with Chapter One. Our heroine Samantha introduces the story. "Hi, my name is Samantha, and this is the story of my wedding. I've never been married before, but I did come close one other time. Unfortunately, that didn't work out. But now I am about to become a bride and I couldn't be happier. Here are my bridesmaids. First, we have Maria Moore. She's married and is a very dedicated wife but still likes to get freaky with her hubby involved. Then, we have Rose Valentina. Rose and I have been friends since our sorority days in college. Here's Sapphire. I met her a few years ago at a health club when we were taking a shower together and started talking about each other's tits. Then, there's Cassie Blanca, who is the real sex freak amongst us. Most of all, these girls are my friends because they all know what it's like to have big tits. It's not easy going through life with boobs like mine and sometimes we need friends to… Read More »
Date: April 8th, 2011
Duration: 24:40

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1 year ago 
I love to come into bed room seeing both of you complete naked playing huge soft tits together then I undress my self complete naked as I got hard on come onto bed having Sex & slap loud and cum many times, 2-3 hours none stop..
2 years ago 
is that wonder tracy officiating the wedding at five mins fifteen secs in?
5 years ago 
I love it when blood sugar over 300 these bbw make me
feal skinny
5 years ago 
Maria you are just so damn hot and sexy looking, I can never get enough of you and your amazing body. I would love to be able to bury my face between those incredible tits and that sweet pussy of yours, then to slide my cock in both places would be a dream cum true
7 years ago 
Maria Moore and Sapphire are the absolute hottest, most gorgeous women ever!
I LOVE watching these two together! Thank You XLGirls!
7 years ago 
this is fucking hilarious
7 years ago 
I love Sapphaire!!!!!
7 years ago 
Thank you SG for leting us save this one... and in HD!!! as a true fan of your work i thank you. i love these women!!

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Today is a main event for Samantha as she and her loyal, succulent bridesmaids Maria Moore, Sapphire, Cassie Blanca and Rose Valentina are going to celebrate her upcoming wedding and her last day of freedom as a single woman. The girls toast Samantha with champagne and get the party started. They dance and play with each other as the bubbly kicks in. Asses are spanked and nipples are licked. Samantha stands on the coffee table and dances for her bosom buddies to their cheers. There's a knock and sirens at the door. This is not good. Sapphire opens the door. It's the police. Did the neighbors complain? Hold on. They're not cops. They're male strippers. The bridesmaids have arranged for Samantha's last fling! The two cops give Samantha the full treatment as the girls laugh and have a blast. The alcohol, and the smell and sight of men, affect Samantha. She begins to revert to her wild party-girl ways and gets into the partying. One of the cops mounts her on the coffee table. On her back, she's topless with her huge, wonderful tits ready for cock. The cop slides his meat-club through her deep cleavage and starts fucking her flesh mountains. Will Samantha forget her groom, her vows of fidelity and her nuptial promises and keep tit-fucking the stripper? And what about Sam's pumped-up bridesmaids, drunk and horny and ready for fucking? My Big Plump Wedding is about to kick into high gear with an all-out orgy with five of the best-built babes in XLGirls history!
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