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In this behind-the-scenes video, Miosotis welcomes us to the Dominican Republic, somehow squeezes her KKK-cup naturals into a bra that's way too small (what bra isn't?), then models clothing for us. Throughout this video, she answers questions for our horny videographer, who's understandably overwhelmed by Mio's chestal assets. Mio doesn't speak any English, but our videographer speaks both English and Spanish, and he sub-titled this for you. Thanks, buddy, but we're too busy right now to read.

We see Miosotis in tight tops, naked by the sea and teasing one of our
male studs with her white-bra-encased whoppers. We go on the set and behind the scenes, and just in case we've been too hypnotized by her tits to notice anything else, Miosotis shows us her pink pussy, too.

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Featuring: Miosotis
Date: May 6th, 2010
Duration: 13:19

Member Comments

1 year ago 
the undisputed queen of super big natural boobs!
2 years ago 
I love your very soft anonymous saggy breasts making me very wet & I love having sex with you with-out wearing condoms. "I love you" OXO
3 years ago 
Miosotis is utterly amazing!
4 years ago 
I'm inlove with you, your Tits is the biggest sexiest I ever seen, Ohh baby I love to Cum you 4 to 5 times within one hour then Dogying your sexy ass for next 15 minutes.. OXO
5 years ago 
I would love to suck on those tits through many long nights.
6 years ago 
I would really enjoy visiting the Dominican Republic to see (and hopefully make love to) these gorgeous luscious yummy women!!!!!!!!!! or perhaps convince them to move to Florida!!!!!!!!! Absolutely delicious!!!!!!!!!
6 years ago 
Wow..I love your huge soft tits..U are very pretty & sexest girl..I love to Cum you 3-4 times within one hour...
7 years ago 
Brilliant! I love the side shots with her great tits hanging down and swinging, the ones with her tits on her knees and where she lifts her tits by pulling up her nipples.
7 years ago 
This girl is a Goddess :-)
8 years ago 
Incredible breasts. What a complete sweetheart. Gorgeous face and huge tits, the complete package
8 years ago 
Wow. Just incredible.
8 years ago 
3 times in a hour!!
8 years ago 
What dreams are made of!
8 years ago 
NO SHE IS NOT! I dont like her face and the way she speaks. Just hope she fucks better !
8 years ago 
This girl is a God.

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