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Marilyn Mayson unzips her yellow top to reveal a fully-packed yellow bra ready to rip its hooks from the extreme stress of her huge H-cups. The camera operator moves in close to capture the milk being squeezed out of her perky nipples. Marilyn slips out of her tight jeans to let her pussy come out and play.

"Now I get to play with my pussy. It's so wet," Marilyn said. She brings a finger up to her lips and says "Sweet pussy. So yummy." Marilyn's hands stray back to her full 50-inch tits and squeezes her fine pair again, her creamy doplets dripping out of her nipples. She can easily suck her own nipples. It's not as easy as people think. Many large-breasted girls can't do it. She tastes the moo-juice that coats her nipples, sucking the nips hard and opening her mouth to let the milk fall out of her mouth.

To better capture the lactation action, the cameraman installs a sheet of glass between Marilyn and the camera so that her milk sprays hit the glass and trickle down. Marilyn is… Read More »
Featuring: Marilyn Mayson
Date: February 6th, 2018
Duration: 21:09

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7 months ago 
Great scene...Can you get more lactating milkers like Marilyn Mayson?

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