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Liza Biggs just debuted at SCORELAND. This time, XL Girls gets her! She really wipes out that bikini! If Liza is a beachgoer, and she must be since she surfs, imagine the crowds she must attract. The lifeguards must need to form a human barricade.

Liza used to be a flight attendant for an airline. Try to picture that. It's the only way to fly. Squeezing past her in the aisle would produce major erections. However, Liza was meant for better things than serving refreshments and making those stewardess hand gestures about exits and seat belts at the start of the flight.

After dipping into the hot tub, Liza gets out and oils her extraordinary body and massive 36JJJ tits. (That's triple-J.) This is an amazing sight to see as her hands roam her big boobs and pat her pussy. After drying off, Liza goes inside, gets comfy on the couch and spanks one out. This is what we call a real in-flight movie.

When we asked Liza if she had any special talents, she said, "I can suck my own… Read More »
Featuring: Liza Biggs
Date: October 9th, 2014
Duration: 14:31

Member Comments

3 years ago 
exelent model more please
4 years ago 
Women Of Wonder (WOW)! Please give us more Liza. I love short but super stacked and packed women.
4 years ago 
WOW!!! What a woman - LIZA you are the total package, like totally amazing bounteous fine boobs, with target areoulas and naughty nipples, luscious thighs, nice belly, taut snug pussy, wonder butt, and kissy lips. Thanks for for sharing your natural gifts to the world!!
4 years ago 
Good tits

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When you're as blessed as Liza Biggs, you're deserving of a little tender loving care. Liza packs a boobie punch rarely seen anywhere--even among our heavy-titted harem of hotties. She's an eye-popping JJJ-cupper with an hourglass figure we would gladly spend all day gazing at. And one lucky masseur gets to do much more than stare at her boobs and body today. "I'm looking forward to getting this breast lift massage," Liza says. "I've got such big boobs and I can't wait to get them even more perky." We think we're more excited than Liza is about this. She already boasts one of the best chests around, so the thought of her tits being even more perfect is something we can't wrap our heads around. But it does certainly excite the little head in our pants. "Are you ready?" Liza asks excitedly. "Do whatever you have to. I've been waiting for this all day." Liza's masseur douses her tits with lotion and begins massaging her breasts. He begins with her left breast, taking it into his hands and intently rubbing the oil into it. He's thorough, so he makes sure to massage the oil into her nipples, too, and pinches them to be certain they get enough. "I can feel them getting more firm already," Liza says happily. Liza lays down on the massage bed and her masseur really goes to work for this deep titty tissue massage. Liza lets out soft moans as he caresses her mams, and we're not sure how this guy is managing to keep his cock in his pants right now. It's clear this massage is turning Liza on, and when the masseur steps away, she begins playing with her tits and stroking her clit. We think Liza will be getting breast lift massages more often.
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A Caramel Bombshell
Liza Biggs proves that some blessings are a gift and a curse. One of the things this applies to is the mountain of tit flesh she has on her chest. They're a gift of course, because well, look at them! They're JJJ cups! They're soft and heavy but still manage to be perky. But you're probably wondering how these fun bags could ever be a curse. Well, it's because no red blooded man can ever take his eyes off of them. And when you have as pretty a face as Liza does, well, that feature should get some appreciation, too. "I was distracted," our videographer says as our scene opens with the camera affixed on her tits. "I was looking at something. You look very classic bombshell at the moment." Even decked out in a Marilyn Monroe-inspired outfit, we just can't take our eyes off of those massive mams. One of Marilyn's many nicknames was "The Blonde Bombshell." We think Liza is worthy of taking on the moniker "caramel bombshell." What do you think? With seemingly endless curves, a bright smile and perfect tits, it's fitting. Liza's had quite the time with us so far and she's getting a kick out of recounting her experience in our hallowed hall of hooters. And we're just getting a kick out of staring at her tits. "I've had a few cocks in my mouth," Liza says. "I've done some anal. You know, just all up in that ass." Liza also reveals her new catchphrase, "Check it out?" Check what out? Those glorious boobs of course. Pleasant, friendly conversation doesn't last for long when Liza is around. She's a horny girl who can't get enough of getting off. So the time for idle chit-chat is done, and we're taking a tour of her body as she teases and tugs on her tits and rubs on her clit. She's cupping her boobs while stroking her clit and they look absolutely delicious as Liza pushes herself closer and closer to an orgasm. Her tits quiver and tremble when she finally cums, which makes us think we should take back what we said earlier. When you're built like Liza, there are no curses. Caramel bombshells only have bountiful blessings.
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Liza Biggs
  25:57 Mins.
Liza Loves Anal
We don't throw the word "perfection" around here lightly. When we say it, we mean it. And this super-duper-stacked JJ-cupper IS perfection. She debuted last month to rave reviews from the Brotherhood of XL Men. Said user buntl1: "WOW!!! What a woman - LIZA you are the total package, like totally amazing bounteous fine boobs, with target areolas and naughty nipples, luscious thighs, nice belly, taut snug pussy, wonder butt, and kissy lips. Thanks for sharing your natural gifts with the world!!" Liza is sharing a lot more with us in her second appearance. Not only is this titan Texan titter popping her hardcore cherry, she's taking a cock in her ass, too! Ah, what a glorious day for men who love plump girls, plump tits and raunchy XXX. Our friend Tony DeSergio is the lucky fellow who gets to fuck Liza today. He quietly sidles into Liza's bedroom as she's getting dressed. When she notices him, Liza smiles and invites him into the room. When you're in a room with a girl like Liza, tits nearly falling out of her over-matched crop-top and bra, she isn't going to stay dressed for very long. "I'm being bad right now," Tony says as he caresses her boobs. "I like when you're bad," Liza responds with a naughty smile. Tony eagerly pulls off her top and bra and begins sucking and kissing her boobs and licking and nibbling on her nipples and large areolae. Tony has Liza all hot and bothered and she rips his pants off and goes to work on his throbbing hard cock. She also gives him one of the most-epic tit-tugs you'll ever see as she makes Tony's huge cock disappear in between her massive tits. Tony returns the favor by laying her down, spreading her pussy and devouring her dripping wet pussy. Liza's pussy is ready for Tony's cock now. He stuffs it inside of her cunt and Liza lets out a moan. As she fondles her tits, Tony slides in and out of her and then leans over to give her left boob a nice, hard suck. Liza then hops on top for a doggystyle fuck and her ass and tits look amazing as they bounce to the rhythm of her fucking. "You think you're ready?" Tony asks as they change positions. "I think I'm ready," Liza responds. "Get in that ass." Yeah, it's the moment we've been waiting for. Liza's getting fucked in her ass. Liza turns around and Tony stuffs his meat into her ass doggystyle. "Spank my ass," Liza moans as Tony fucks her face down, ass up. She flips over and Tony fucks her ass missionary as Liza begs for his jizz. "Cum on my tits!" Liza demands. Tony holds out for as long as he can before pulling out and glazing those perfect mams with his man-gravy.
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