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Meet Lisa Canon

Please give a warm welcome to Lisa Canon, a brand-new girl who is modeling for the very first time anywhere! Fresh. Young. New. Packed up top. Pretty. We are happy Lisa chose first for this honor. In the opener of the video Meet Lisa Canon, the newbie tittie-chats with XL Girls magazine editor Allie. "I'm nervous," 20 year-old Lisa admits, her tits spilling over her bra top like a river threatening to break the dam. No need to be, of course, first times go smooth as silk in our studio but her initial feelings are quite normal. Lisa likes to wear tops that make her boobs stand-out and enjoys the attention. Girls are often the first to check her out, asking her if they are real. Since Lisa's also bisexual, that's fine with her! Lisa likes to wear tight shirts, low-cut tops, short skirts or shorts and sometimes tight jeans. She always wears a bra and thinks her boobs weigh about ten pounds. We sometimes ask a girl if her boobs have ever fallen out of her clothes. Lisa tells… Read More »
Featuring: Lisa Canon
Date: December 17th, 2010
Duration: 33:41

Member Comments

2 years ago 
Oh Lisa, You are so extremely red hot exotic sexy that you make me so rock solid steel hard that I want to fuck you and give you the same pleasure you give my dick.
6 years ago 
This girl and Dors Feline are the reasons I joined this site. Stunning! Absolutely stunning!!
7 years ago 
She's really nice.
7 years ago 
Fuck she is fine. Sweet chubby curves and a gorgeous face.
8 years ago 
She is really sexy keep it coming.
8 years ago 
I Want to meet this chick. Her legs are Beautiful, her face and her Soft Embracing, Charming Big breasts
8 years ago 
Just my type. Beautiful !
8 years ago 
It's a long vid, but we don't get any nudity until 20 minutes in. Let's speed things along, eh?
8 years ago 
WOW! I'm in love

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