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Tony urges Kitty to say dirty things as he tells her how to pleasure his rigid cunt-drill. She drives him crazy by giving him a great blow job and submitting her cleavage to his cock. She has true cock sucking lips and an experienced throat that has been stuffed by many dicks. Tony is like a wild man and doesn't know what to do next with Kitty's wet pussy, slurpy mouth and giant tits. There are so many options and ideas. The meat-man orders her around in his usual style as he pumps her cunt, first in missionary position, then in side-saddle and in reverse cowgirl. For one final position, he drills her doggie-style and pounds her hard. Kitty can take it. She's no 98-pound weakling. Her cunt lips stick to his cock as he pushes in and pulls out. Tony tells her to say she wants his man-seed sprayed on her tits. He needs to hear this. As soon as Kitty says it, he jerks his meat all over her lovely fat jugs and drops a load. We don't know if Kitty and Tony ever hooked up again but it looks… Read More »
Featuring: Kitty Lee
Date: September 25th, 2009
Duration: 15:10

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7 years ago 
I love her tits.

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"Wearing a nurse's costume and acting like one has always been a fantasy of mine," Kitty Lee wrote. "Personally I don't like having to go to the doctor but I get off on the idea of being a nurse and fucking my patients. I've play-acted a nurse in my bedroom with boyfriends and always got into the whole fantasy of it. Another fantasy is the doctor I work for fucking me in his exam room...which goes on in clinics in real life." When a nurse-patient shoot was scheduled, Kitty came to mind. Kitty took to nursing her patient's meat-ax like she's been involved in health care her entire life. This poor man had his scalp run over by a lawn mower. Fortunately, his genitals function perfectly. Kitty could be a nurse in real life because she can handle old geezers. "An old, old man, about 80 years old walked up to me and squeezed my tits and said 'Oh, those are natural. Now I don't need Viagra.' That was the funniest thing ever. I was laughing. He had this oxygen tank and stuff. I thought it was funny. If he was a younger guy, I'd have punched him." It's not true that every guy likes big tits. Kitty told a story about that. "I went out with one guy who broke up with me because my boobs were too big. When he met me I was wearing a really big, baggy shirt because I was just out at a hardware store getting something really quick. But when we went out I wore this really sexy outfit. He dated me a couple of times and then told me he couldn't date me because my boobs were too big." That guy didn't need a nurse, just a psychiatrist.
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