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Decorate My Man Cave

Sexy XL Girl Jade Parker's hired to redo Colton's house. She looks around and sees that she can do a few things to make it more livable. Even though he lets it slip that he's married, that doesn't deter Jade. She comes on strong and suggests that he pick out furniture that matches the color of her bra...she shows him by dropping her sweater.

Colton backs up against a wall but Jade bumps against him. Wifey's away and his brain melts after seeing Jade's very large mounds of joy. Jade likes her tits manhandled and she's not shy about urging him on, even if he's on the timid side himself. She teases his cock through his underwear with her hands and swinging hooters.

Jade's aggressive. She knows what she wants and she goes after it. And what Jade wants is a hot fuck. Redecorating comes later. Read More »

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Featuring: Jade Parker and Levi Cash
Date: March 22nd, 2016
Duration: 22:51

Member Comments

1 year ago 
Jade is so hot and sexy, my dick never tires of watching her - shame she did so little porn, she is one of the all time best
4 years ago 
Jade Parker is totally hot! What a wonderful voluptuous body, with lovely giant tits and sexy big ass.
6 years ago 
What a beautiful woman. She has everything a man Needs.
6 years ago 
love her hot body and hot mouth wrapped around a hard cock
7 years ago 
I've always loved this scene and Jade. She really is beautiful and incredibly sexy in her outfit and as she is stripped. She does a great job with the roleplay--I think that really adds alot to porn and this scene especially. I love to see her take the cumshot on her big beautiful tits but too bad it wasn't his biggest/best. Please convince her to come out of retirement!!!!
7 years ago 
so wish she didn't retire. what a loss for all of us.
7 years ago 
Wow does she look hot in that dress! Perfect BBW body. Great scene hard to believe that he did not play with those perfect titties while fucking her. Hope to see more of her!
7 years ago 
I've always dug this scene and praised it on Scorevideos I believe. I love how Jade handles....well, all of it. But in particular, it is so intoxicating to watch her walk the house with her "client" since she has such stunning beauty and a dream look....then as she turns the tables on the dude, what a fantasy....especially as hot as she is with that incredibly sexy super curved body. The cleavage while walking is epic and that gorgeous ass and hips hidden under skirt--> awesome. Her panties and bra are so hot, and her whole look is simply a rapid turn on....I continue to be very much a fan of this scene. Plus it has been re-done and is sharper and clearer than in the past...thanks TSG.

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