Glory Foxxx Fux P.O.V.

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Glory Foxxx Fux P.O.V.

Glory Foxxx is ready, willing and able to suck your cock and open her pussy for fucking, you just have to say the word. She fucks and sucks while gazing into your eyes for approval.

First, you stick your rod between Glory's massive jugs. You allow her to tit-fuck and hand-jack your dick. Now you want your cock and balls sucked and Glory obeys, leaving saliva strings from your dick to her lips. A nice, gooey blow-job expert is just what you need so she spits on your cock and slurps it up, licking the shaft and head. Her mouth goes down on your shaft, nearly getting all of it down her throat. Her spit lubricates your cock for her handwork as she strokes it.

This chick is a great cock-pleaser. Now it's time to fuck. Glory spreads her pussy lips back for easier cock penetration, and after a warm-up, you ram it on home, your thighs slapping together loudly while she cries out for more. And now that you and Glory have fucked, she wants the contents of your bloated balls and begs to see… Read More »
Featuring: Glory Foxxx and Jarrod Steed
Date: May 7th, 2018
Duration: 22:30

Member Comments

3 years ago 

Totally delicious and an outstanding effect on me!

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