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Bust My Lap!

Daniella Grey has her bras made because she can't find them in stores. Many of our models can relate to Daniella's experience. They have trouble finding bras ready to wear right off the rack also. Daniella jumps up and down a bit to get her boobs jiggling.

The XL Girls interviewer has Daniella pull 'em out and she is more than impressed. Daniella says that when she goes out she tries to dress appropriately "though sometimes I wear real low cut tops. I love the vintage pin-up look and the rockabilly look." We can picture her walking around outdoors with plenty of cleavage.

In this scene, Daniella met Peter whose mission is to give her a solid fucking. With a body and face likes Daniella's, and her man-pleasing personality, he was up to the task.
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Featuring: Daniella Grey and Peter Delmar
Date: December 4th, 2019
Duration: 16:15

Member Comments

That's an immense rack for such a little gal! Wow!

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