Chantal's Tits and Your Cock

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Chantal's Tits and Your Cock

One-on-one hand job and blow job videos are best when shot in point-of-view. The viewer's dick is getting sucked, jacked and tit-fucked and the viewer is the sole object of the girl's attention. This is not always possible but when the circumstances are right, P.O.V. is virtual fun.

In a poll, we asked the TSG audience, "What is your favorite kind of XXX video?" 49% answered point-of-view while 51% said third-person (the viewer is the external observer). So the opinions are basically split in half, as it is in most of our polls.

Chantal Raye jerks, sucks and tit-fucks your pipe while talking to you and urging you to blow your load. She sits beside you looking lush in a flimsy negligee. Her big, brown 44DD tits are erection-producing and her areolae are huge, over three inches in diameter. "You ready for me to put these big tits on this cock?" asks Chantal. She has a very sexy voice, one of the sexiest, and that gets things even hotter.

Chantal slips off her negligee straps, pops… Read More »
Featuring: Chantal Raye and Johnny Champ
Date: January 28th, 2020
Duration: 21:28

Member Comments

2 years ago 

Absolutely gorgeous. Please have her back early and often

3 years ago 

Gorgeous, juggy and curvaceous... C'mon, Baby, smile! Beautiful, brown eyes... With POV, I can almost feel... Chantal, super-sucker supreme! Next time, some fucking, Baby!!!

I really enjoyed gorgeous Chantal Raye's rapport with the video camera. Also, the super close-ups of her pussy were absolutely incredible!

Oh shit I want her so bad...I love me some nice black tits

Chantal you are f****n beautiful and sexy, cannot stop looking at you.

She is sexy I just wish he had
fucked her in the video

I can't believe I'm about to say this about a girl with such nice breasts, but DAMN, those eyes!!!!

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