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Pulling porn stud Tony over to her, back against the wall, the amazing Anorei Collins asks him, "Can you think of any uses for my giant fucking tits?" The man can think of a few right away. They are the biggest boobs he has ever encountered in his life and he's had a huge share of many tits of all shapes and sizes. Where to start first? "Kiss my giant tits," encourages Anorei. He needs none. "I want you to bury your face in them." Anorei is impressed by his gentle touch as he sinks between her massive mounds upraised by her bra and low-scooped blouse. "You're allowed to squeeze." Each breast is much bigger than Tony's head. "They're a lot more fun when they're not trapped in a shirt," says Anorei as she lowers her top to reveal the lacey blue bra encasing them. "Kiss my tits, suck on them." He sucks each nipple, savoring the taste, scent and texture. A pair of the biggest tits of them all and that's saying a mouthful at XLGirls. Kneeling before him, her clothing on but her treasures… Read More »
Featuring: Anorei Collins and Tony D'Sergio
Date: June 28th, 2012
Duration: 25:23

Member Comments

1 year ago 
What a great woman
2 years ago 
She is definitely needs to come back on your site!
5 years ago 
I agree. you should show these Beautiful women in street. Clothes walking down the street. Kr in the mall. Then how we would take them home and
5 years ago 
I have stroked to this
womanso many times.
Please come back Anorei !
Your massive curves deserve
more of the spotlight . :-)
5 years ago 
i cant get enough of her
6 years ago 
She is a goddess! Every man should have a wife like this.
6 years ago 
Big, beefy and nasty. As good as it gets.
6 years ago 
She is the best I've seen so far but please show your XL women wandering around fully clothed before the scene as we love to see everything in perspective. And more pussy eating!
6 years ago 
I forgot to emphatically say that I hope like hell this makes it to DVD some day. It is truly excllent and Anorei is hot as fuck and makes my cock go crazy!
6 years ago 
Absolutely awesome. Dream girl for me.
6 years ago 
She is so thick and juicy, unbelievable performance.
6 years ago 
id do anything for that....
6 years ago 
all i can say right now is WOOOOOOW !!!!!!! more of this lady please i can t stop jerken off pls
6 years ago 
she's gorgeous and so hot in all her work..this segment is no exception. great stuff, thanks XL Girls!
6 years ago 
Ever since I first laid eyes on Anorei, I've been dreaming of her doing hardcore! I just wish I was the
lucky stud to ream her. This is hands-down my new favorite porn video! More More More!!
6 years ago 
I've dreamed of Anorei doing hardcore ever since I first laid eyes on her. I wish the lucky stud was me,
but considering I wasn't available for the shoot, this is still the hottest XLGirls fuck I've ever seen.
Anorei - you are my P-cup angel!
6 years ago 
today is happy day.
6 years ago 
This is a great scene, love her pale skin and her profile. More please!!!
6 years ago 
That was Epic!!!
6 years ago 
wow.. jussst wow
6 years ago 
Wow! The best scene ever this has been on my mind every day since you mentioned it. Anorei you are amazing, and just so gorgeous. The dude genuinely enjoyed in just the way I would adore you. Love the way you blow, soooo sexy and your talk just makes me burst my lot. Thanks and hope you do loads more hardcore for us
6 years ago 
This scene was well worth the wait, Anorei is so sexy! I really loved the part of her on him, that was so sexy watching her big beautiful ass work Tony over! Please let there be more of this sexy babe!
6 years ago 
A "bad" girl needs a good cumming out....she deserves it all.
6 years ago 
my gawddddd. more please
6 years ago 
No words can describe how awesome this is.
6 years ago 
Very very nice! I was looking forward to seeing Anorei in hardcore. What a woman!
6 years ago 
This wins all of the awards.

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