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Adriana Avalon immediately caused a condition afflicting the normal male. This condition is called lumpy pants. There's only one cure. Adriana and girls like her have the cure.

Adriana gets ready for a dirty ride and this ride is in black and white. Adriana begins the show alone, dressed in a denim miniskirt, a tight top and heels. She lays back on the bed and works herself up while she waits for the fireman to arrive and put out the fire in her hot pussy with his hose. When he enters,

Adriana's huge 46-inch jugs are ready to be palmed and caressed. Her top is carefully moved aside so he can suck on those dark nipples encircled by wide areolas. Adriana's nipples harden and elongate from the breast suction and rubbing.

Adriana slides down her fuck friend to grind her tits against his package, then extracts his fuck-stick and lowers her head to place it between her warm lips hands-free. He holds her head in place as he pumps his dick in and out of Adriana's mouth.

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Featuring: Adriana Avalon and Asante Stone
Date: March 14th, 2012
Duration: 24:06

Member Comments

1 year ago 
Beautiful woman beautiful nipples
6 years ago 
Please bring her back soon. Thanks
6 years ago 
she is the best on here so far too many girls on this site dont have the thick legs,and hips (but i hate big bellys horrible)
6 years ago 
Love this girl, is she Italian? Look at her get fucked by the black man. I hope you come back soon Adriana and get fuck by a guy and another girl.
6 years ago 
WOW! I cannot imagine sex being better with any other woman than Adriana!
6 years ago 
mmmm great! she could have kept her panties on a little longer... never got to see her great big butt in them...

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