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To celebrate Porsche Dali's birthday (May 31), XLGirls set up a special birthday gift for her. A gift that we knew Porsche would appreciate more than perfume, candy, flowers, a new bra. She deserved the gift of hard man-pole. Back in Missouri, the "show-me" state, Porsche doesn't get to show all that much. But here at the XLGirls studio, Porsche gets to hang low, swing low and strut her stuff to her heart's content. She kneels before Danny in "Cum Ride This Porsche," looking sexy in her lime-green sweater, tight mini-skirt and black high heels. Her eyes light up at the bulge she will be getting to play with. Like a kitten in need of cream, on the floor on all fours, Porsche begs for the cock. Danny has never met Porsche before but he instinctively knows that this girl is a young fuck-toy, totally obedient to his directions and eager to do anything he says so she can be permitted to swallow the last drop of his cum. He is eager to slide between her 42GG jugs and take her for a… Read More »
Featuring: Porsche Dali
Date: June 3rd, 2011
Duration: 21:19

Member Comments

1 year ago 
@cards - so agree! her belly is perfect, I think you just made me realize why I'm so unbelievably attracted to her
6 years ago 
porche is amazing wish it was me i could only be so lucky to get a hot bbw as sexy as her
7 years ago 
Great belly!
7 years ago 
I love watching Porsche have sex as much as she enjoys watching herself have sex. The only thing better would be actually having sex with Porsche.
7 years ago 
Damn that was HOT!!!

Lots of Love!


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