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Danish Pastry

Danish queen of XLGirls, Maria Verbeck is beautiful to watch on video. In bed rubbing her nipples and clit, or showering afterwards, Maria is very proud of her body. Much of that comes from the Scandinavian attitude about the body and sex. It's all natural and healthy to express one's humanity without fear of stigma, loss and criticism. It was a good day when Maria decided to share the wealth. If that's socialism, we'll take very inch. Maria has two faces. One is the scrubbed face of the girl-next-door and the other is the made-up Maria with painted lips and some mascara. But she never overdoes it. Maria is not shy although she may give that impression. "I've never met a man yet who didn't like to have his cock sucked, so if I like a guy enough that we're making out and he's playing with my tits, I'll end up sucking his cock," Maria said in her excellent English. "I've never had any complaints. I guess maybe there is such a thing as a bad blow job, if a girl gave the dick a hard bite… Read More »
Featuring: Maria Verbeck
Date: May 20th, 2011
Duration: 25:12

Member Comments

6 years ago 
I am so horny every time when I see you Maria you are amazing!!!
WE want more of you because you are the best sexxxxy model ever!
7 years ago 
Relax with beautiful, erotic exploration of this wonderful girl & her body for a full 25 minutes.

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Two of the editors at The SCORE Group agree that 2003 was one of the greatest years in the company's history for discovering SCORE, V-mag and XLGirls. That year brought Cherry Brady, Ines Cudna, Nicole Peters, Brandy Talore, Sapphire, Sunshine, Devin Taylor, Maria Moore, Casey Cleavage and Angela White, just to name a few. Maria Verbeck was a Dane who had never modeled before and after her time at XLGirls, never appeared anywhere else. "I didn't measure my breasts when I was growing up," Maria said. "I just knew I was much bigger than all the other girls in school. I feel they are my special gifts. In America, there is an urging for girls to become skinny, not to be proud of a big body. It is different in Europe." Cherry Brady, outspoken in her feelings about breast reductions and the doctors who promote them, has the energy and motivation of three women in one curvy, hourglass body. Cherry developed a huge fan following. "I don't try to emphasize my breasts by unbuttoning an extra button. But I don't try to hide my cleavage, either. That would be impossible. A lot of people at work, all women, of course, have complained about the way I dress, so I've had to point out that I wear the same type of clothes as every other secretary. I just fill out my clothes differently." Scarlett Webb won Plumper of the Year for 2005. Her very beautiful face lovely body and enormous 38-inch boobs charged up the voters. "At home, I usually am naked or wearing panties and a tank top. I can't wait to take my bra off when I walk in the door! I prefer to walk around naked. If I am wearing a dress, I wear no panties underneath. The rest of the time I prefer wearing thongs, g-strings and cheeky shorts." Miranda's personality is as powerful as her body and she was outspoken in her comments about Italian and American men. "I think American men are the best lovers. They're more dirty and more fun. Everyone thinks Italians are 'Latin lovers,' but I think they're fake, like actors. American men are more honest. If they want to fuck you, they say they want to fuck you. Italian men won't just say it. They want to fuck you, but they have to say, 'Oh, I love you, you are so beautiful,' and other crap. I like the American way much better. I don't like the bullshit. It's better when a man is direct."
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