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Behind the Scenes with Kristina Milan

The first great thing about this behind-the-scenes clip is that we get to hear Kristina's voice. Kristina doesn't speak English, so we had one of our videographers ask her questions in Spanish and interpret her answers. The second great thing about this clip is the sight of Kristina's amazing, lactating J-cups dripping milk. Now, when most women are lactating, they need a little help-a squeeze or a suck-to get the milk out. But Kristina stands there without even touching her tits and it's just drip, drip, drip. Like a leaky faucet! And then, sometimes, the milk comes out of her in a steady stream. The clip is short but sweet, a good primer for tomorrow's boy-girl video, when Kristina sends her milkers into hardcore action! Read More »
Featuring: Kristina Milan
Date: April 29th, 2010
Duration: 3:54

Member Comments

3 years ago 
Kristina is abeauty... And to watch milk oozing from her nipples in her huge areolas centres is fantastic
6 years ago 
what a baby doll awesome!
7 years ago 
This woman is a 10 all the way!!
8 years ago 
FUCK !!!
Who the fuck need a cow, when you have such a huge milking factory. I bet those are gonna give 8 pints of milk. EASILY
8 years ago 
OMFG what a stunner!
Those huge milk leaking tits are truly amazing!
8 years ago 
Her tits are exploding with milk ..did she delivered a baby or something ?
8 years ago 
well done score! cant wait for vanessa del too :)
8 years ago 
can u imagine such a pretty face with boobs bigger than her head? she is a 10 and a half!!!
8 years ago 
Can't fucking wait for tomorrw!!!
8 years ago 
8 years ago 
8 years ago 
FANTastic !!!! May she model for many years. Can wait to see more. More of all those Republican islang girls
8 years ago 
More !!!

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Kristina Milan - XXX BBW video
Jun 11
Kristina Milan
  43:18 Mins.
Jackumentary: Kristina Milan
Kristina Milan, the subject of this Jackumentary, is a well-known, extremely popular Dominican our crew got to know really well. She has an eager-to-please, happy personality. Having so much attention focused on her did not turn her into a diva. In addition to her enormous tits, Kristina is hugely popular for her lactating powers. "Kristina looks like one of those dream girls drawn by Otis Sweat and then come to life!" wrote Bradley4. (If you're not familiar with Otis, he's been the preeminent artist at The SCORE Group since the beginning with art features such as Bomber Girls, Dream SCORE and more. Otis' current work, "SCORE Next Door" appears monthly in SCORE magazine.) Kristina said in Spanish that her ideal evening is a good dinner and then an hour or so of good fucking. She also says that drinking beer (Presidente, a Dominican beer) helps keep her tits big and full of milk when she's lactating. We've heard this beer claim before from European models. Day or night, Kristina's tits were always full of milk. When the average woman is lactating, squeezing, sucking or mechanically pumping helps to get the milk flowing. Not Kristina. She would simply stand without anything approaching her nipples and her milk would leak out of her big nipples on its own. Kristina's breasts were so engorged with baby juice that her nipples were like leaky kitchen faucets. Kristina loves posing naked and fucking, too, and she was totally into being photographed with a cock in her mouth or pussy. Kristina won V-mag's Plumper of the Year for 2010. She likes to watch soccer and Vin Diesel movies. "She is one of the most naturally beautiful women I have ever seen. If I was not married, I would take her for myself," wrote Dsan.
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