Dancing Dazzler

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Dancing Dazzler

Follow those magnificent, bouncing M-cup boobs because Jennica Lynn shakes up a storm in this dance video! Can your eyes keep up with her? Jennica can give out free black eyes with those swinging hooters. Well worth the pain.

Jennica is in the Bahamas, a place that suits her to a B as in bikini. Here's a babe who was born to be a big-bust star!

What color are Jennica's eyes? If you said blue, you're correct. If this was happening on a populated beach, Jennica in that bikini would draw a crowd. Actually she'd draw a crowd in anything she wore. Incredible. Read More »

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Featuring: Jennica Lynn
Date: November 7th, 2013
Duration: 7:20

Member Comments

5 years ago 
Score - Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! for providing these outdoor videos of Jennica in HD!
6 years ago 
I would like to congratulate the cameraman and also to Jennica in this video. It is just amazing. In the minute 4:28 this stunning beauty just walked away far from the camera then we were able to see her whole entire beautiful body, not only that she kept herself rotating slowly, showing us every single view, left, right, back, and frontal view. She did that with the bikini on and then she repeated same movements but full nude. She also was dancing a little bit. She showed us the walking nude, her breast was just moving beautifully from side to side, up and down. We were able to see the way the breast shakes as she makes every step interacting with each leg and the rest of her precious body, you can only admire that if you are able to see the full body frame, with 3/4 shot or close ups it is hard to see the whole event it is just missing information. Gravity just shapes the breast as she walks in every single step. That was marvelous amazing to watch. She did all that showing to the camera her whole figure. She performed very good timing and pace, she was approaching the camera and then going back to the same position where she was able to be captured in full body not cut in half or in 3/4. That was just exquisite and beautifully filmed by cameraman almost no zoom in was used. One important thing that I loved is that the camera was perfectly positioned, it was at an eye level position. That made this whole thing possible because there was no distortion as sometimes happens when the camera is positioned very very low almost on a knee level. This was great. Thanks for doing that. I must please ask these kind of full body shots to be included more and more often and longer shots please. What a paradise to see that stunning girl’s complete body, the whole beauty captured by the lens of the camera.
7 years ago 
I love this gal. But why so fast. Slow down. What the rush.
There were two bulls looking down on the cows. The young one
said to the older one "lets run down there and fuck one ", the
older one said "let walk down and fuck them all". She's a
beautiful bbw lets make the most of her time. Slow down and
love these tits, belly, ass, and her beautiful smile.

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