Busting Bras

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Busting Bras

Calling Jennica Lynn a bra buster may be a bit of an understatement. Gazing upon her supple, torpedo-shaped 34M-cup breasts in a bra makes us question the laws of physics. Which makes it a good thing that anatomy actually was our favorite subject in school. We can't get enough of studying Jennica's anatomy as she slips on each of these overmatched bras. We're not interested in how these bras manage to contain her knockers, we just want to enjoy the gorgeous view.

In case it slipped any of your minds, the active ingredients of her anatomy are as follows: A 47-inch bust, 34-inch waist and 40-inch hips. In other words, Jennica is all woman. Which makes us hot, bothered and hard in her presence.

"I want to feel your touch," Jennica says as she cups her large, heavy boobs with her small hands. "Feel your hands on my nipples and squeeze them just like that."

Jennica never has much of a problem finding someone to cup and play with those big boobs of hers. If all of the men who wanted to… Read More »

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Featuring: Jennica Lynn
Date: December 25th, 2013
Duration: 30:29

Member Comments

3 years ago 
Jennica the magnificent. I could watch her get off all day long. So genuine and truly enjoyed.
3 years ago 
That pov bit at 19.00 where her breasts wobble like you're inside her is wonderful and far too short� .
7 years ago 
More gorgeous every
8 years ago 
OMG I LOVE this video!!!!!!! I understand the first 2/3rds of the video (since most people at this site love breasts) I LOVE her BREASTS OH MY GOD I LOOOOOOOOVE her BREASTS, but I have to say I LOSE my MIND when she takes OFF those panties and shows us her SMOOOOTH DREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEAM PUSSY, I LOOOOOVE her CLITTY HOOD and her CLITY!!!!!! I LOOOOOVE more than ANYTHING what she does right after that-when she turns around and shows her GODDESS BIG BUTT, OMG I want to slide my tongue all over her DREAM BUTT, and slide it up and down her BUTT CRACK and slide as deep in her DREAM GORGEOUS ASSHOLE AS I CAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh God I LOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE her DREAM FAT PUSSY and GORGEOUS PUSSY LIPS FROM BEHIND LIKE THAT, I COULD LICK HER FOR HOURS IN THAT POSITION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OH MY GOD I LOOOOOOOOOOOOVE HER BUTT-I want to SMOTHER IT WITH SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO MANY KISSES, she KNOWS EXACTLY WHAT I LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE the last scene she rubs her pussy, her BREASTS ARE MAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGNICICENT-OMG!!!!!!!!!!!! And no, I don't want a boy girl scene, because I don't love cocks and that's ALL you see in U.S. porn boy and girl scenes, which means-enter Jennica, she might start to take her clothes off, then in walks a man with a huge penis that just took viagra and she gets on her knees and we never see her body again, just his gross thing, until, you guessed it, he cums on her face.
8 years ago 
Jennica's absolutely amazing beautiful face enormous breasts much more Jennica please.
8 years ago 
Jennica you are gorgeous!!!! I am looking forward to seeing you in a boy / girl scene!!

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