Gaggin' For A Shaggin'

Gaggin' For A Shaggin'

Treating the cock nicely in a mainly P.O.V. shoot, Gwen Etoile seems to drive men to madness, not just with her sexual talents but with her sheer charisma radiating off the screen. How else does one explain a letter like the one below?

"I know this might sound crazy, but I'm totally in love with Gwen Etoile," writes T.M. "Do you think she'd give me a chance? Although there's one hitch--I have another girl. She is a beautiful gypsy woman so I don't think Gwen would mind. If I could have just one wish fulfilled, it would be that Gwen, my girlfriend and I would never be apart. There must be a special church to marry us all. And during the reception, I could sing love songs to the both of them. At night we could all sleep together and in the morning my gypsy girl would make breakfast while I sing to both of my lovely ladies."

Well, we can't speak for Gwen but we think she enjoys playing the field, enjoying lots of different experiences and isn't ready for a singing gypsy marriage… Read More »

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Featuring: Gwen Etoile and Jarrod Steed
Date: June 7th, 2016
Duration: 17:44

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