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Hip Shaker!

The very sexy and busty Analee Sands is a professional belly dancer in addition to being a hot model. (Analee is the covergirl of March �11 Voluptuous magazine. Congrats to her.) In this video, Hip Shaker!, Analee tells us she is going to dance for us and demonstrate her hip-shaking, belly undulating, tit-quivering and ass-rolling talents. She is dressed in traditional belly dancing costume and head gear and seems to be from another time, another world... so exotic does she look. These intricate costumes are handmade and can take many months to complete. Analee is fantastically super-sexy in hers as her hips vibrate to the middle-eastern music. While she dances, her fan J.C. gets up and embraces her from behind, slowly and carefully removing her top and bottom. He feels up every inch of her fleshy, soft body and brings her over to the couch where he lays her down. He sucks her tits and feels up her velvety skin, intoxicated by her sexuality. She is totally nude now.… Read More »
Featuring: Analee Sands and Jack Cummings
Date: February 11th, 2011
Duration: 21:07

Member Comments

7 years ago 

I love how she stares at the camera!@PeterP75, @Gohar, @Brad, @franc5, @JuanVato, @zoostation, and @Tom are some true connoisseurs! I share your sentiments!!

11 years ago 

I have no words for this beauty queen. She is just 1 of my favorite.

12 years ago 


12 years ago 

wow what a scene -9/10
i must make a REQUEST
PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE could you show some cowgirl fucking in the next
Analee vid.
her ass is so out of this world that seeing it in a cowgirl position will make
me give the next vid a 10/10 rating for sure

12 years ago 


13 years ago 

She is amazing.
Her voice, her moves.
Those "fuck me" eyes.
Yes, she is a complete goddess.

13 years ago 

I Love the way Analee Sands never shaves her pubic is so hot while she
is jiggling for the camera! I have already enjoyed this scene twice and will no
doubt enjoy it again in the future. Keep up all the great work Analee and thank
you to Score for signing this beauty!

13 years ago 

I simply adore Analee. She is a complete goddess. As much as I enjoy watching Analee fuck, this video convinced me that solo videos of her would be even sexier! The first chapter of this video where she is belly dancing was so hot I nearly popped in my pants watching it. Analee is like Sophie in that she is mesmerizing to watch. I think you can top the boy/girl videos of her with a good solo masturbation video, but I'm not complaining. I'll take Analee any way I can have her.

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