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BBW Photos » "I Just Couldn't Wait To Get Home And Masturbate"

"I Just Couldn't Wait To Get Home And Masturbate"

Featuring Veronica Vaughn
Date June 15th, 2010
Photos 54
Veronica Vaughn on losing her virginity: "The first guy I ever had sex with was about 12 years older than me, and he was gentle and patient and it was a wonderful thing, so I have liked older guys ever since. I've had friends tell me how awful their first time was with a guy their own age who didn't know what he was doing or only cared about himself. It wasn't that way for me and I think it mostly was because he was older. The oldest guy I ever dated was 49." Veronica on masturbation: "I would be at work and I would tell them I was feeling sick so I could go home and masturbate. Seriously, I had to get something inside me. Sometimes I would just go to the bathroom and get myself off. If I didn't do it, I just couldn't concentrate. Now, it's down to twice a day or so. It used to be more like five times a day. I couldn't control it.

What Members are saying about this update...

October 22, 2010
She is so hot its unreal
her breasts are gorgeous, her tummy hot, face beautiful
need a hard core
August 07, 2010
Veronica is just damn fucking cute in this set!! and sexy as hell!!
Mr Bob
June 19, 2010
She is Fantastic!
June 17, 2010
Wow! Veronica looks amazing in this set. Where do I apply to be her sugar daddy?

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