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Taylor Steele became one of the most popular models the very first time she appeared. One of her greatest charms is her face. Her body is sensational enough but she brings more to the show. Taylor always has a very inviting look about her. Her eyes have a twinkle that comes from within. Her gaze and her smile have a warmth and sincerity that seriously affects guys. She is "the real girl." Taylor doesn't get all posey and serious looking in her videos and photo sets. She looks like she's having fun. That's her open secret. Some models are just that, models.
Featuring: Taylor Steele
Date: December 27th, 2010
Duration: 59

Member Comments

5 years ago 
I'm playing a little game, assuming that I could have just one XL Girls, who would it
be? Ms. Steele would be very near the top, she is fantastic. Since I can never 'do'
her I would like to see a set where some other lucky bastard gets to plonk her. Plezzz.
7 years ago 
Great set. Taylor is gorgeous. I hope we'll see a lot more sets & videos of her.
7 years ago 
It's a tidy little set, quite a shame that we don't get some unspread pussy shots to show off her wonderful mons and outer lips in all their plump glory. But it seems all pussy shots must have the lips firmly grasped and spread to the horizons, a little balance would be welcome.

By the way, congratulations to Taylor for not giving in to peer pressure and keeping her skin clear of annoying tattoos. Maybe she was just scared by the needle, but it's nice to have an upper bottom clear of a tramp stamp.
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