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More To Fuck

Featuring: Tatiana Blair and John Strange
Date: November 1st, 2016
Photos: 50
In the DVD More To Fuck, John the Bachelor must choose his girl from a head-spinning selection of fleshy sex-bombs: Anna Kay, Melonie Max, Alanna Ackerman, Destiny Rose and cute and cuddly Tatiana Blair. While More To Fuck was a parody of shows like The Bachelor, Tatiana could have also played Snooki in a parody of Jersey Shore. Except with much, much, bigger, natural tits. Amazing tits. "When it's hot I'll just wear tank-tops and a mini-skirt," said Tatiana, a nice girl who may or may not realize that her mere presence tortures guys. "Like I said, I like to be comfortable. And if anyone doesn't like it, I don't care. I've been pulled over quite a few times, and when I was younger I didn't have a driver's license. So when that would happen I'd just pull my shirt down, and it worked. The cop would walk over all pissed off, and then when I rolled down the window he would just be staring at my boobs and stuttering.

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