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Back in Black 2

Featuring: Suzumi Wilder
Date: January 29th, 2015
Photos: 50
Suzumi is the name of a famous female Japanese manga artist. Suzumi in Japanese also means to achieve a feeling of coolness. And Suzumi Wilder is a cotton-candy blonde who looks like a walking, talking, life-sized doll and poses at XL Girls. Suzumi has a hot body and a beautiful face. She carries her name on her chest above her left breast which is helpful for guys with a bad memory for names but a good memory for mammaries. A college girl studying art and biology, Suzumi also learned more about human biology (and art too ) by modeling at XL Girls. She'd wanted to try it for a while but was too shy. Then Suzumi went ahead and applied in May of 2014. Everyone wanted her to shoot. They've been around the XL block a few times.

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