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The Private Dressing Room Show

Featuring: Sofia Rose
Date: April 1st, 2014
Photos: 75
It's a private dressing room show with beautiful Sofia Rose! She's back at XLGirls and today Sofia's trying on hot clothing and treating you to her amazing body and extremely big boobs. What makes Sofia horny? "Dirty talking and amazing kissing. Privately: nipple play." What makes Sofia laugh the hardest? "Random acts of perversion, dirty jokes with truth to them and porn gag reels." What makes Sofia feel sexy? "High heels, tight clothes and lots of cleavage. Great hair and make-up. I dress up. Heels, heels, heels." "I've become more aware and in touch with my sexuality since doing XXX. I was always aware of it but now I'm more in touch with myself and open to new things. I love exploring and learning more about myself that way." What about sex on a first date? "Sure, why not? Just don't fall in love!" That may be difficult. Sofia is the kind of girl a guy naturally crushes on. .

What Members are saying about this update...

November 27, 2016
SHE IS PERFECTION but I don't understand why cameraman does not take a full complete body picture from head to toe either nude or half nude, showing her voluptuous stunning body then we will be able to see the greatness of her extreme curvy body, standing nude straight no bending with boobs hanging low and free no hands covering the boobs we will be amazed of her huge wide hips, huge ass, huge long saggy boobs. that could be paradise but is so sad to see cameraman forgot completely about her full body on still or video, I hope someday cameraman can show the full body, a kind of picture that I hope SCORE realize is almost extinct on the repertoire of poses and camera angles from almost all photographers here at score and xlarge girls so sad... we need to see the full complete body standing straight....
March 20, 2016
January 24, 2016
this model is so fucking hot, I love it. The shoot is mach 21 all the way...the last 20 plus shots in yellow-->unreal...her huge tits proudly and softly perched atop that chest with those delicious juicy legs and pussy spread with clit and pink and lips aplenty complemented by that gorgeoous hair sultry eyes and sly look...incredible, pure fantasy dream of super curves
April 09, 2015
What a stunning lady. I love everything about her!
January 02, 2015
I love seeing a heavy breasted plumper like Sofia in slingshot bikinis and sexy dresses like the pink and yellow ones. You can tell right away she's completely commando, which is SOOO hot!
April 02, 2014
I love to watch her this photo-set in hot sexy lingeries.

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