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Busty Seductress

Skye shows her bed-bouncing sexual talents in the bedroom. What are those special talents? "No gag reflex," says Skye who can get nearly every centimeter of Largo's big dick down her throat. The 38DDD green-eyed blonde and former Hooters waitress masturbates a lot. "I masturbate daily and every night to put me to sleep. I have around 12 toys. They all need to get used." Skyie's kinkiest encounter? "Going to a swinger's club, my first experience ever." BJs: spitting or swallowing? "Swallow. Sometimes to be a dream come true I gargle, then swallow." .
Featuring: Skye Sinn and Juan Largo
Date: September 20th, 2013
Duration: 55

Member Comments

I want to see her in bridal lingerie.
Score, I don't know how you do it. Another curvy knockout with NOT A THING wrong with her. Skye, u can do whatever you want and I will check it out!!!!!! I wanna c more!
Cream pie saved for Score :) Hmmm... Who else would like to see that? #TeamSinn\
Score you killed this photo set :)
Thank you John XO
Beautiful belly button...
Skye is a great find. Beautiful face AND body. I'm glad she's comfortable showing her curves. I love her big belly and the fact she doesn't try to hide it! Totally hot.
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