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Fertility Queen

At seven months pregnant, Shyla Shy is getting ready to drop. First, she wants some cock action before she crosses the finish line. Her juices are flowing and her hormones are pumping. She got it on at both XLGirls and SCORELAND. Now for the unobstructed views of her belly-bumped bod, huge, swollen tits and rounded ass. Sex is what makes the world go round and sex is what makes the belly go round. This pictorial celebrates Shyla's glorious earthy image as a fertility goddess. Next, Shyla at eight months back at XLGirls and even bigger and rounder! Shyla told us that she went to a theme park and she wore a seven months. Just imagine that!
Featuring: Shyla Shy
Date: May 9th, 2012
Duration: 85

Member Comments

5 years ago 
I love you!! Can't wait til
8 months! WOW!
6 years ago 
more pregos!!
6 years ago 
Thank you Shyla! I'm glad you're willing to pose while pregnant!
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