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Shar Nitzapanus » Texas Tit Titan

Texas Tit Titan
"I didn't start accepting that I had big boobs until I was almost 30 years old," Shar said. "For a long time I felt self-conscious. I'd never wear a low-cut shirt or a revealing shirt. It could be hot as fuck outside and I'd be wearing a sweatshirt because I was trying to cover myself up. I didn't like myself for a long time. But my mother passed away a few years ago so I needed to make some more money to take care of my younger sister. So I went to bartending school. They told me I should work at a strip club because I have really big boobs and I'd do well there. They said I didn't have to strip, just serve drinks. I decided to do it, but then the owner of the bartending school told me I should be a cocktail waitress because it's easier and I wouldn't have to clean up after closing. I became one of the best waitresses in the company. I would come up with these crazy names for the drinks. We had this one drink called tequila rose that we needed to get rid of. Now tequila rose for a strip club in Texas where all the guys drink Coors Light is just not going to fly. So I would go out there and the guys would order their beers and I would ask them if they'd like a shot of pink pussy. They'd go, 'Pink pussy? Isn't all pussy pink? Yeah, I'll get a shot of that! In fact, gimme two shots!' And it would be tequila rose and they'd drink the hell out of it. I eventually got bored of doing that. But the point is that it gave me a confidence boost. Having big boobs was fun because a lot of the girls there didn't have big boobs and the ones who did had fake breasts. Then there would be the people who came there just to see me. All of a sudden I felt like it was kind of cool to have big boobs. I started to accept myself."
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  • Joey: "Shar is so fucking sexy all I want is to fuck h …"
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Added on 03/09/2011 10:26am
Shar is so fucking sexy all I want is to fuck her, hey XL Girls can you help me out thanks.
Added on 09/12/2010 3:46pm
They sure do grow things bigger in Texas. Shar certainly has Texas size tits. a man could die happy under those whoppers. And it would be nice to see'em wrapped around a cock to match.
Added on 08/11/2010 4:03am
Super! I love her! It would be nice some photos in hardcore action!
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