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Meet Serenity Sinn

Serenity Sinn is an actual member of who decided to join the Big Show herself. That's right. Not every member is a guy. Girls like to have fun too. Carrying 46H whoppers, Serenity has all the right qualifications, for sure. She has the girl-next-door factor. (Our wardrobe person measured Serenity's boobs and her actual bust size is 57 inches!) So Serenity took the plunge and the world is a better place for it. A mid-westerner, Serenity played volleyball in high school (which must have been quite a sight) and loves watching college football. Her favorite team is the University of Tennessee (her home state). Does Serenity dress to attract eyes? You bet.
Featuring: Serenity Sinn
Date: September 9th, 2013
Duration: 60

Member Comments

4 years ago 
Wow!!!!! So hot!!!!
4 years ago 
ridiculously sexy
4 years ago 
So glad everyone likes my pics. I had so much fun and I'd love to do more in the future.
4 years ago 
She played volleyball?!?! How awesome would pics or a vid of that be? Spandex shorts
and a tight jersey would be too much for me. Better yet, what a great video that
would make---a full feature film like K-Jugs, More to Fuck, or Pounding the Pledges--
but instead a volleyball team full of BBW's. The scene possibilities are endless---
bouncing on the court, lesbo action in the locker room, and getting it on with the
refs and coach. Wowsers, The Score Group, please make it happen!!!!
4 years ago 
WOW, Hot & Sexy images of Serenity Sinn.
4 years ago 
Always nice to see a fresh young face. What a cutie! Looking forward to more.
4 years ago 
Indeed, welcome aboard Serenity Sinn! I like tall girls and I like Serenity. I like the way her hair is cut. It looks like she might be a natural redhead and if that is the case, maybe we can see her with her natural color in a future set. All around, this is a good first outing!
4 years ago 
She's sexy as hell!!!
4 years ago 
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